5 Must Do Hiking Paths In The Alps

The Alps are a wondrous place for trekkers and mountaineers. These are mountain ranges that stretch over 8 countries. The range contains many peaks, wildlife, plateaus, lakes, glaciers, and trails. The Alps stretch a long way — over 1200 km (~750 miles) in length, but here are some highlights of the best paths to trek.

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Some trails or paths are suitable for experts and beginners alike. But some are exclusively for expert hikers. The Ratitovec Trail, Lake Bled, The Piz Boe Trail, Lagazuoi Trail, and The Kanin Trail, are prominent paths for hiking.

As I have written about before, preparation is key when it comes to taking a long trek. It requires proper planning, necessary precautions, topographical maps, and good understanding of the weather conditions and variables.

The Best Hiking Trails in The Alps

These selections are of course entirely my opinion. Hopefully, there is something appealing in each. So, onward — here are the best trails to go on in your journey to the Alps!

The Ratitovec Trail

Slovenia has many beautiful mountain ranges to hike. But most of them are very hazardous during winter because of avalanches. The trail in Ratitovec is an exception. You can hike here any season.

The Ratitovec trail is not so difficult to trek. There are some steep slopes where avalanches rarely occur. And most of the trail is covered by dense wood. So, you can hike this with your family.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a quiet and gorgeous place to start your hike. It is situated in northwestern Slovenia. There is a small and beautiful island in the middle. The island can be reached by boat from the lake. Hence, the eastern currents can take you there from the town of Bled.

There are two beautiful spots where you can see the whole of Lake Bled and the beautiful church. Mala Osojnica is one of those places. It is a short hike from the parking lot of the Bled Jezero train. So, if you like calm, cool, and quiet places, this would be a perfect half day trip for you.

The Piz Boe Trail

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