A Travel Guide: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has gained popularity as a hip choice for city breaks due to its reputation as one of Europe’s most relaxed and sunny cities. So, if you have plans to visit the place anytime soon, you might be curious to know more about the hotels, flights, airline tickets, and other information. This travel guide will help you in this regard.

In this article, I’ll discuss when you should plan on visiting Lisbon, Portugal, along with some other information you might find helpful.

Best Time to Visit Lisbon, Portugal

March-May or September-October are the finest times to visit Lisbon. The weather is mild during these months, so hotel costs are lower, and there are fewer tourists than in summer. Moreover, it may also be possible to get in a couple of beach days at those times of the year.

Whether a season is the best fit for your visit to Lisbon depends on a few factors. So, let’s discuss the best times to visit Lisbon, Portugal:

A Walking Tour of the City

The most incredible time to walk about the city is during shoulder season. Lisbon offers visitors excellent weather throughout the year. However, spring is when the city’s climate reaches its best. Lisbon starts becoming a little bit extra romantic because as trees bloom, the days grow longer, and there is some rainfall now and then to keep the parks fresh.

Furthermore, the temperature is suitable for exploring the city on foot without feeling too hot. However, the busiest time of year is around Easter when large numbers of visitors from nearby Spain and other parts of Europe arrive.

The splendor of fall is unique. Prestigious film festivals throughout September and October encompass various styles and preferences. Even until late September, it might still be warm enough to visit a few of the beaches close to Lisbon.

Then, October’s brisk, bright mornings warn that winter is approaching. So, with the conclusion of Daylight Savings Time coming and the days getting shorter, tourist crowds thin out to a trickle. Yet, costs drop, and a nice calm descends upon tourist attractions.

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