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Surrounded by a wide myriad of seas, Africa is home to some of the most spectacular diving locales in the entire world. You can experience the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Red Sea and much more making your diving trip filled with limitless rewards. So if you are in search of some ultimate marine safari experience, I’ve rounded up the best dive sites and locations in Africa.

You can experience the greatest diving highlights along Africa’s eastern and southern coasts. From the warm and sunny reef-dotted East African coast to swimming with sharks in the rich blue waters of KwaZulu Natal to the kelp forests and cold waters bordering Cape Town, there’s much to be explored!

However, that’s not all as there are many other gems. In this article, I will focus on the 3 top diving locations of Africa — South Africa, Mozambique, and Tanzania and walk you through some of the best diving spots worth mentioning. Let’s get right to it!

Best Diving Sites in South Africa

South Africa unofficially holds the title for being the capital for shark diving in the entire world and rightfully so. The country specializes in offering you the greatest high-adrenaline scuba diving experience and homes the big seven. The broad coastlines offer you the rare chance to witness an annual miraculous migration like a yearly sardine run.

You can also witness another unique experience such as squid run. From freshwater diving to wreck dives, swimming alongside sea turtles to sharks, your scuba diving in South Africa will no doubt be an experience of a lifetime. Some of the must-visit diving locations include:

1. Aliwal Shoal

No doubt, Aliwal Shoal is one of the best diving sites in South Africa that lets you experience a wide variety of marine life. The soft and hard corals are not only home to a huge variety of subtropical and tropical fishes, but also sharks.

Aliwal Shoal is among the only few places in the entire world that lets you encounter sand tiger sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, ragged-tooth sharks, hammerheads, and ocean blacktips all in one place. The best draw is that you get to experience it all raw without the sharks without the security of a cage.



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