Essentials When Preparing for Long-Distance Treks


Carl Byington is an established Atlanta GA, entrepreneur who leads PHM Design, LLC, where he focuses on engineering solutions for aircraft systems. Having traveled to all seven continents to pursue his adventures, Carl Byington has a passion for mountaineering, long distance trekking, and other endurance sports.

When preparing for a multi-day hike, it makes sense to plan ahead and research itinerary and permit requirements. Take time to identify potentially problematic spots along the route, such as remote areas where it would be challenging to secure medical assistance, as well as heights with precipitous drops by studying and bringing along a topographical map along with your GPS device if you choose to bring one. Also research local weather and microclimates specific to the region and season of the hike. Keep in mind that mountainous areas are particularly prone to sudden changes in weather related to elevation, topography, and storm systems.

Another area of preparation should be dialing in your supplies to the requirements of the route at hand. Work to ensure that your pack is as light as possible, while still packing all the essentials. These include shelter, sleep system, knife, lighter, food, cook kit, water filtration, first aid, duct tape, and of course the right clothing layers for the local environment and weather contingencies. When it comes to food, consider lightweight yet nourishing products such as oatmeal, trail mix, rice, and dehydrated foods. Keep in mind that freeze-dried foods are even lighter than dehydrated ones and require less effort to prepare.

From a training perspective, make sure that you purchase and break-in shoes or boots with plenty of room for your foot to grow and swell. Long days of trekking will tend to increase the size of your foot by about 1 full size. Make sure that your break in hikes include the backpack you intend to use with appropriate weight so you can increase your stamina and strengthen your core and legs evenly in preparation for your long distance hike.



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