What is it about Croatia?

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A visit to Croatia can be an experience of a lifetime. If you are into activities like hiking, kayaking, and SCUBA diving, it should be your next destination. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a lazy vacation, some good food, and peaceful nature, you can never go wrong with the great Mediterranean vibe in Croatia!

Most of Croatia consists of mountains, cliffs, and coastal cities. The cities have a history worth thousands of years of enriched culture. Plus, they offer a variety of unique culinary experiences. Therefore, an adventure in Croatia can be as much about history, culture, and food as it can be about extreme sports.

Acquiring proper knowledge of the different hot spots in Croatia can help you plan a short, cheap, but enriching adventure.

The Best Places For An Adventure In Croatia

Croatia is a land of adventure. And Zagreb, Istria, Dalmatia, and Dubrovnik are some of the places where the elements of adventure, culture, and natural beauty intertwine with each other. Therefore, you can get the most enriching experience of your Croatia trip when you visit these places


This city lies at the foothills of the Dinaric Alps. Museums, galleries, historic architecture, and restaurants adorn the streets of Zagreb. Despite the hilly natural beauty and the medieval historical aura, Zagreb is still very much a modern twenty-first-century city. The population is around 700,000.

The Gothic Saint Mark’s Church and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary are two main historical attractions of Zagreb. Tkalciceva Street is a beautiful place to take a stroll. You’ll find many restaurants and shops lining this pedestrian-only avenue.


Istria is an ancient coastal town. It’s a land of vineyards and olive groves. If you are enthusiastic about good food, visiting Istria is a must-do for you. One of the most famous culinary attractions here is truffles.

This place is also suitable for the active traveler. Sites for hiking and kayaking are within a close distance of Istria. When you are in Istria, you can also visit the Church of Saint Euphemia, the Roman amphitheater Pula Arena, and the Temple of Augustus.


If you are visiting Croatia for kayaking, hiking, or SCUBA diving, then Dalmatia is waiting for you. This place is made up of mountains and hanging cliffs scattered uniformly throughout the sea.

For hiking activities, you can visit Marjan Park. This lush and leafy park has a sea-side hiking and walking path. For kayaking and kite-boarding, you can go to the central Dalmatian isles of Brac and Hvar. These spots are just a two-hour ride away from the main ferry port of Split.


Walking through the medieval streets of Dubrovnik

To get a more posh and polished view of Croatia, visit Dubrovnik. This city has gained much fame and popularity in recent years, thanks to its portrayals in movies. The impeccable gardens and homes of the city’s residents, the smooth dreamy streets can mesmerize any visitor from whatever corner of the world.

From Dubrovnik’s port, you can easily get to Dalmatia’s southern islands. Among them, Korčula is worth a visit. You can find Croatia’s best wine on this island. If you want to paddle in open water between isles, take a short ferry ride to Elaphiti Archipelago.

Best Outdoor Activities In Croatia

Besides natural and historical sightseeing, Croatia is also a haven for adventurous activities. The seaside, mountains, cliffs, and islands make it the ideal place for activities like kayaking, hiking, climbing, kite-boarding, scuba diving, etc.


You can go kayaking all over Croatia. Almost all the coastal areas in the country can satisfy your cravings for riding a kayak. However, if you want the most fulfilling experience, go to Dalmatia. This is the place that can make every sea-kayaker dream come true. Dalmatian coast offers you a range of sailing and paddling activities.

A little distance from the coast of Dubrovnik is Zaton Bay. You can safely take your kayak to the sea for long distances here. Beyond the bay is Elaphiti Archipelago. Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan- three islands are within paddling distance of each other. You can ride your kayak between the islands and visit secret coves and beaches.

Scuba Diving

SCUBA diving is an extraordinary experience, no matter how many times you do it. And certainly, it is more rewarding in Croatia. When you go scuba diving in one of its coastal areas, you will catch a glimpse of the vibrant underwater life of this country, such as whales, octopuses, coral reefs, and various species of fish.

Dubrovnik, Stara Baska, and Makarska are the best SCUBA diving spots in Croatia. Plan your diving sessions with a professional SCUBA diving center. They will professionally train you in the sport and tag along when you go diving. Although it is a fun and exciting activity, scuba diving is pretty dangerous too. So, you should get professional help before diving into the sea.

Bungee Jumping And Sky Diving

Skydiving over the Adriatic Sea on the Dalmatian coast can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. And you can get the opportunity to do this at Split. You can get a 45-second dual diver freefall experience here at an affordable price.

For bungee jumping, you can visit Sibenik Bridge. The activity is available from July 1st to August 31st. The forty-meter bridge can provide a thrilling bungee jumping experience. Remember not to eat a heavy meal just before doing these activities. The best thing is to have a full breakfast hours before you dive or jump.

Rock Climbing

Croatia blends the experience of rock climbing with the pleasure of dangerously beautiful views. Paklenica National Park is an ideal spot for this sport. Anica Kuk is a popular target for climbers. This is a 2350 feet limestone rock that is available from April to October. There are over three hundred rocks like this in the park.

When you go rock climbing, make sure you use proper safety equipment. And of course, you should have prior training and experience. If you are too exhausted from your journey to Croatia or injured somehow, don’t attempt this activity. Just have some truffles and wine, sit down, and enjoy the serenity.


When you are in Croatia, you might be on a kayak, riding between islands. Or, hiking along a mountain trail overlooking the sea. Or, in your SCUBA suit, peeking at a whale from behind a coral reef.

Or, you might be dining on the best truffles of your life. Whichever it is, you will surely have a wonderful adventure.

About the Author

Engineer, adventurer, and entrepreneur Carl Byington is the President and Chief Executive Officer of PHM Design company, located in Georgia USA. He has had a successful career with several companies over the years including Sikorsky Aircraft, Lockheed Martin, Penn State, and NASA. In his free time, Carl Byington is a rock climber, long-distance runner, trekker, and SCUBA Divemaster. Carl Byington has completed marathons all around the world.



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Carl Byington ~ Engineer, Adventurer, Traveler

Carl Byington ~ Engineer, Adventurer, Traveler


Adventure, travel, culture, endurance activities, environmental, wellness, and fitness. UPenn Grad, NASA rocket scientist, aeronautical engineer, and CEO.