Is 7 Continents Enough?

I recently did one of those online map tools to select all the places you have visited. Something that replaces the pinned maps of yesterday. Here are my results.

Carl Byington World visited map

All 7 Continents have been visited (57 countries), and I completed marathons on them too. But I find myself still wondering, do I need to do more with my travel plans?

Will I ever be satisfied I have seen enough of this world? Maybe the pandemic and ridiculous lockdowns have produced caged bird syndrome in many of us.

Do you feel this way? What do you dream of in this regard?

Where are your top countries to do or re-do? And why?

I originally started on my world journey through my engineering work, project travel, and engineering conferences. You can read more about my work at:

You can also find my technical publications list I published around the world at:

This work took me to Australia (Sidney, Melbourne with side excursions to Brisbane and Northern Queensland), Europe (Spain, France, Britain, etc.), and of course many states in the US. I often piggy-backed vacation days on top of my work trip and brought my family with me when I could.

Falling off a difficult rock climb is what really triggered the Africa, Asia, South America, and Antarctica parts of my journey. You can read more about that story from the original Geisinger article.

I have memorialized some of those marathons and associated adventures on my marathon pages.

Post marathoning and COVID has me energized for new adventure travel. I have dreams of new SCUBA, kayaking, and mountain adventures. How about you? I look forward to hearing where you are going and why.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts below!

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