Take a Virtual Tour of the NASA Langley Research Center

A PHM (Prognostics and Health Management) expert and entrepreneur, Carl Byington spent much of his career in State College, PA and Rochester, NY, in leadership positions with companies such as Impact Technologies, LLC, and Sikorsky Aircraft. Carl Byington also worked on research related to hypersonic propulsion at the NASA Langley Research Center while completing his Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering.

Under the leadership of Clayton P. Turner, the NASA Langley Research Center spearheads research in areas such as space exploration technology, aviation improvements, and atmospheric knowledge. The center features nearly 200 facilities in Virginia. Those interested in learning more about the campus can take a virtual tour through the NASA website.

The virtual tour includes an in-depth look at different buildings on the 364-acre property, complete with pictures, videos, and verbal descriptions. For example, the page for the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility includes a 360-degree image allowing virtual visitors to view the space. The image also includes specific informational buttons that provide further details about the state-of-the-art research facility, which was named for the woman who inspired the book and film titled Hidden Figures.

To explore this facility and continue the tour into the rest of the Langley Research Center, visit https://www.nasa.gov/feature/langley/virtual-tour-goes-behind-the-scenes-at-nasa-langley or the other NASA links above.



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