The Best Breweries to Stop for a Sip in Virginia

Breweries are your heaven if you love craft beer. Craft beer has been gaining a ton of traction in recent years. And these places offer a lot more than just beer these days. Virginia has a range of options in this category as well.

Whether you are a tourist visiting Virginia or a local looking into what amazing breweries are in your state, we got your back. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best breweries in Virginia. So the next time you are looking for a new place to visit, you know where to go.

List Of Best Breweries In Virginia

These are the best breweries in Virginia. If you are a fan of beer and just happen to be in Virginia then checking these out would be your first priority.

Legend Brewing

Let’s start with a classic. Legend Brewing is located in Richmond, Virginia, and is the largest and oldest brewery in the state. They have tons of awards in their bag for both quality and innovation. And their facilities are definitely something to look at.

The pub they opened in 1994 is now a huge restaurant. With around 180 seats and a vast beer garden, this is the place you want to visit with all your craft beer-loving friends.

Vanish Brewing

Vanish is a family-owned farm brewery. Their 63-acre facility is located in the town of Leesburg, Virginia. As you can guess by that description, this is a massive place with many scenic views.

This farm brewery has many indoor and outdoor spaces that are fun to explore. They also have fantastic food, which is excellent news for even people who are not into beer. Their taproom has over 15–20 of their original brews. And these are all made from entirely locally sourced materials.

Bear Chase Brewing Company

Bear Chase Brewing Company is located in Bluemont, Virginia. They have a taproom with both indoor and outdoor spaces for drinking. And the best part about it is the view. The taproom has a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding the place, a breathtaking view.

They also have a section called the “Brew Barn.” There you will find two brewing systems, a…



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