What is it about the Food And Wine In Italy?

Italy is a country known for its fresh herbs, spices, tomatoes, and grapes. Food and wine are at the core of the many delights that Italy has to offer. The world is already familiar with pasta and pizza. However, there is still so much more to Italian dining and service than what is commonly perceived.

Many people are aware of the special bond Italians share with their food. In Italian cuisine, food is more than just a source of nutrition or a treat for the tongue. Food, in Italy, is a cultural asset. It is one of the nation’s greatest treasures and most importantly a tool for creating bonds and memories.

Carl Byington enjoying calamari in Italy

Fresh calamari and salads ingredients Venice Italy, 2021

The commercial growth of Italian cuisine can dull the senses towards the stand-out elements that make Italian food so special. In this article, I list some of the best food and wine options in Italy in my experiences there. So if you’re traveling to Italy soon or are just curious about Italian food, continue reading to find out more.

What Makes Italian Cuisine So Special?

The main priority in Italian cuisine has always been fresh produce. The belief is that good food comes from good ingredients. The fresher your produce, the tastier your dish. This belief further stems from the practice of making everything from scratch. Whether it be pasta or tomato sauce, a true Italian will always opt for something handmade over store-bought.

But the main specialty of Italian cuisine lies in its preparation. Food in Italy is always prepared with the thought of someone enjoying it. So much care gets put into every element of every dish because, in Italy, cooking is a way of showing someone you care. Whether it be fine dining or street food, the food you eat is made with your happiness in mind.

Some homemade pasta in Venice Italy, 2021

Food And Wine To Try On Your Visit To

Italy has some of the best food and wine in the entire world. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to try everything in one trip. Knowing what to try and what to save…



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